Email all submissions to:

Last Date for submission for Issue 1: 28th February


Guidelines for all submissions:

  • Each submission must include a small bio of yourself. (Name, where you are from, age and a small description of you as an artist).

  • You could include a picture. (Not compulsory)

  • The subject of the mail should have your name, type of submission. For eg: John Tucker, Poetry

  • We accept simultaneous submissions, provided you let us know as soon as possible if your work has been published elsewhere.

  • We do not accept previously published work.

  • All rights revert to author upon publication in Pandemonium, and your work may be published afterward; We would just request that Pandemonium gets recognition as the site of first publication.


For Poetry:

  • A minimum of two poems and a maximum of 5 poems can be submitted along with each submission.

  • There is no word limit to the poems.

  • Submissions must be in the form of either a Google document or a Word document.

  • There is no constraint or limit to the type of poems that you can submit.


For Short Stories:

  • A maximum of three short stories can be submitted.

  • Word limit: 500-2500 words

  • Submissions must be in the form of either a Google document or a Word document.


For Illustrations:

  • A minimum of two illustrations and a maximum of 5 illustrations can be submitted.

  • Please make sure your work is entirely original.

  • Mixed media can be used, and both black and white as well as colour will be accepted.

  • We would like it if you could provide a name/tagline/short description to each illustration you send us.

  • The file must be in either jpeg/png/gif format.

  • The file could be digital or a scanned copy of a handmade illustration. However, pictures of non-digital work will not be accepted.

Remember to have an open mind in all your submissions. Try to read some of our previously published work to see if your work is a fit for Pandemonium. Feel free to express yourself!


Thank you for submitting!