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Hypocrisy In My Words

A farrago of tinsel shops and storefronts - inviting in an almost flirtatious manner - stand squeezed into even the narrowest arteries of the city - throbbing with life. Adorned with the frills and laces of cheap money, they rise - their ostentatious luxuries and almost servile vendors a stark contrast to the slums opposite; the two juxtaposed to create an image of a city so extreme in its degree of humaneness - a cornucopia of wealth and comfort to those who are rather infrequently deserving of it and a glittery illusion, albeit an exposed illusion, to others.

The shops regularly blare out news of their latest 'discounts' and 'offers' - offers which do little to reduce the price and have a rather contrasting effect on the morale and generosity of the buyers - in gaudy neons, with windows attractively turned out in the latest trends and styles.

Walking out of these shops, laden with heavy bags and light purses, walk the 'upper classes' of the classless society, complaining about how the government does nothing to clear the roads of garbage and slums, and then shake their heads in pity and 'empathy' at the poor children, with hunger and illness etched on every bone of their painfully thin body.

These little children who cry far less than the more fortunate of us; who seem to accept their way of life because...I do not know why, for, like most comfortable people, well-provided for by their parents and families, I never had the heart or perhaps courage to ask. Is it because they have no other choice? Because they have never been given the opportunity even to question or protest against this world that so cruelly divides Mother Nature's gifts?

What gives some of us the audacity to call water 'ours', to deny other humans, animals and birds food and water, so that our lives are made easier? How is it that we dare to even talk about poverty from the comfort of a warm bed, and say we 'empathise', implying that somehow we understand what it feels like to sleep on a road, with the hunger pangs of yesterday still gnawing away at our stomach today, when we have never left the comfort of money?

The sheer hypocrisy of our words , indeed my words in this very essay, is the most appalling face of humanity. A far more honest act would be to, perhaps, go, live with the 'lower' classes, invite them into ''your'' home, for the truth is, it is not yours. Nothing on this planet is ours, all we claim to have are merely gifts that Mother Nature bestowed upon us, intending them to be shared by all her children...What made us think that we could defy her and get away with it?

-Ila Manish

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