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We stand alone: we are separated by various faiths,

Around the world, in different countries, with different beliefs,

A thousand myths, a million dreams,

The gods we pray to are different yet we do the same: putting faith in our religions.

We are different in colour, in speech, in life, but we are the same.

We are human, we are flesh and soul and life.

Faith to our Gods comes so easily. as we respect each other for our differences,

Perhaps we need to learn a bit more. we need to trust people.

What links us together? what is the religion of humankind?

We are not used to giving so freely, we always expect something in return,

It happens, no matter how hard we try - for our help, our love, our kindness.

We have forgotten true goodness. it shouldn’t be that way.

Remember what makes us human; we can learn to have faith in one another

Faith can be cultivated. with shared hopes, fears, ambitions.

-Ashley Tan

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