General details:

1) The applicant must have an interest in visual arts/writing/marketing/social service

2) The internship will last for 3 weeks minimum. However, depending on the availability of the candidate, it can last longer.

3) It is a non-paid internship, however, every candidate will receive a certificate of completion 4) The applicant must be between the ages of 13-22 years of age.

5) It is an online internship, so most of the work given to the interns can be done online. However, the position of the Social awareness manager will require the intern to doing some physical work (can be done in any country/city around the world). Therefore, candidates from all parts of the world are encouraged to apply.

6) It is of vital importance that the intern is prompt with replying back to messages and mails. Since it is an online internship, 90% of the communication between Pandemonium’s team and the intern will be done via phone calls, text messages, Whatsapp or Instagram. So the candidate must possess a tool for availing to these platforms at all times.

7) All interns will be given some additional benefits such as

a. A feature on Pandemonium’s website

b. A chance to get published on their blog/magazine if the board of editors approved their work

c. A chance to interact with our board of editors (which consist of artists, writers, photographers and a coder)

d. An opportunity to interact and work with the other interns and therefore get some international exposure and awareness. The interns will also be provided a platform to share their work with each other and get feedback/critique on their work.

e. The interns will also be provided several documents and tips on how to manage a startup, effectively engage costumers, be skilled at PR, use platforms like Canva, improve their writing and artistic skills etc.

Available positions

1) PR Managers

a. Should be able to converse and communicate with people of all ages

b. Time commitment: 2 hrs every day (max)

c. Job details:

i. Cold calls/messages to teens all around the world asking them to submit to Pandemonium or just increasing the general awareness of the magazine

ii. Speaking to other student magazines/writing organizations to partner with them/do a collaboration with them (after getting approval from the editor)

iii. Using posters made by the other interns and taking them to schools/writing workshops in and around your location. (For eg: taking the poster to a writing seminar, creative writing workshops, putting it up on your school bulletin boards etc)

d. Application requirements:

i. To apply: Candidates will need to email: with a short resume and a short essay on why they think they are suitable for this position. (200- 300 words)

ii. Once their resume and essay is approved, they will be given a task related to their job description and will be judged on the efficiency with which they finish the task.

2) Social Media handler

a. Should have at least 300+ followers on social media

b. Time commitment: 2 hrs every day (max)

c. Job details:

i. Will need to manage Pandemonium’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

ii. Will have to make posters/brochures on any digital art software

iii. Will have to find innovative ways to engage with Pandemonium’s target audience and thus increase Pandemonium’s outreach on social media.

d. Application requirements:

i. To apply: Candidates will need to email: with a short resume and a short essay on why they think they are suitable for this position. (200- 300 words)

ii. Once their resume and essay has been approved, they will be given a situation and will be required to create a post for social media on it.

3) Social Awareness manager

a. The applicant must be willing to go out and talk to NGO’S in and around their area.

b. Time commitment: 6 hrs/week

c. Job details:

i. Applicants will be required to connect with NGO’S and social organizations to increase Pandemonium’s social value.

ii. Since our subsequent issues will have themes focused on social issues and since our primary audience our teenagers, Pandemonium will be collaboration with some of these NGOS’S. This collaboration will consist of having the specific NGO’s advertisement/poster in our magazine so that people gain awareness of the NGO. It will also consist of them putting up posters of Pandemonium in their NGO’s since a lot of teens volunteer at such places. The intern’s goal would be to build a strong network and rapport with social organizations from all across the world and hence do successful marketing projects with them.

d. Job details:

i. To apply: Candidates will need to email: with a short resume and a short essay on why they think they are suitable for this position. (200- 300 words)

ii. The candidate must also include a list of potential NGO’s they are thinking of targeting to work with during the internship.

iii. Once these have been approved, the potential candidate will be given a task related to their job description.

Meet Our Interns





Yashasyaa Arya, a 10th-grade- student currently studying at The International School of Bangalore (TISB), will be Pandemonium's new intern for social media management. She has always been keen to display her creative side, by being an active part of her school’s art club. Her Instagram handle featuring several illustrations for teens like herself has attracted over 2000 followers. 

ananya (1).png



Ananya Mavinkurve is a 16-year-old high school student from Bangalore, India. Being a former theatre student, she has a deep understanding of and appreciation for the art. In her downtime, she consumes any and all available reading material and spends time with her friends and family. 




Donatello lives in London, UK. His loves writing and has experience doing it having written a novel which is a first in a trilogy. He also loves to engage with the writing community and growing his DonatelloCreates platform. Although he is fascinated by the marketing and PR world, Donatello wants to explore and live in the creative side of the media universe.

shreya (1).png



Shreya Tandel is a self-established poet from India. Her poems have been published in the Blue Pages Lit, Vamp Cat magazine, HerStry magazine, and The collective unrest magazine respectively. She currently also is a regular contributor at the magazine, Marias at Sampaguitas. Besides she also is a part of an upcoming anthology, called, "warmth of embrace". When she isn't writing or is glued in front of a computer/cell phone screen, she spends time singing/listening north Indian classical music and reading the ‘Bhagavad Gita’.




Rohini is a 15-year-old student based in Bangalore, India; She’s spent much of her time contributing to school art exhibitions, designing school magazines, and illustrating for apps and websites (like Liberate: My OCD Fighter). She shares almost all her work through her Instagram account. (


Interning for Pandemonium has been a wonderful experience which helped fulfil my desire to learn more about the world of literary media. I'm coming out on the other end of this internship feeling more fulfilled, well-informed and satisfied with my knowledge. It's been a great, informative way for me to get my foot in the door of independent media. My sincerest thanks go to team Pandemonium!


Pandemonium taught me to take charge of things which might seem tough from the outside, to have more empathy, and to constantly improve myself. I wish all the power to the magazine and hope it gets recognition and the fame that it deserves for the right work it is doing!