About Us

noun: pandemonium
wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar.


“Pandemonium did not reign. It poured.” – John Kendrick Bangs


We humans; we’re pandemonium. We dance with our soul, sing with our heart and love with our
life. In the midst of the flame, controversy, rage, and chaos in our brains, there lie words scrambling
to come out and the Pandemonium will pour.


Welcome to Pandemonium Magazine! We are an online, non-profit, global literary magazine that
serves to publish the work of students between the ages of 14 and 20. Young Adults are always
looking for a platform to publish their work and establish their voice. We hope to create a platform
of writers from all around the world who can have an opportunity to connect with each other and
critique and enjoy each other’s work.

We want work that’s screaming chaos; that lies in the midst of raging pandemonium just waiting to
be explored. Work that’s bubbling with vitality and filled with experience. We want to know what
goes in your brain as you wake up to the intoxicating smell of New York City, the whispered
promises he passed on to you before mysteriously disappearing. We want to know why she cries
with a suffocating sound into her pillow every night, but we also want to know about the
unexplained happiness you get on eating a meticulously crafted lemon tart. Each and every one of
us has a story to tell. A story that’s just waiting to explode into chaos and bring change to someone
else’s life. So, don’t hesitate. Let it all out. Just let out the chaos within you.


You could choose to contribute your work for our issues or you could be a part of the editorial
team. Just reach out to us and I promise we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Side note from the editor: On behalf of the editorial board of Pandemonium, I sincerely thank you
for your interest and look forward to seeing your work in the magazine!